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The organization

Always growing

Elettromeccanica Galli Italo has always been in expansion. We have inherited from our founder Italo Galli a deep trust in the value of the people who work with us.

This is why we constantly allocate resources to their training and their growth inside the company.

We make sure our technical structure is always adequate. Our staff, which has been stable for several years, includes about 130 people (managers, employees, workers). technical / administrative

6 directors / managers

70 technical/administrative employees

50 workers

An internal technical office to make the difference


Our attention to the growth and technical training of staff allows us to make the difference thanks to the presence of an internal technical office.

Making use of an in-house technical team allows to increase the responsibility and reliability of the people working with us, and to accumulate experience and skills over time. Even the youngest of our workers is a spokesman of our values and quality.

From design to construction phase


We ensure the quality of our work by dedicating to each project a project manager and one or more project engineers, who deal with both economic and technical aspects, supported by a team of CAD designers.

We ensure the proper realization through the constant presence of a construction site supervisor, who also acts as a responsible for the security and takes care of the relations with workers and subcontractors.

For contracts requiring a daily coordination with other main contractors involved, we have the capability to organize the technical office directly on the construction site.