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Our values

For decades Elettromeccanica Galli Italo has been a first-level industrial reality that has never lost its attention to customers and employees.

Every day we work to exceed the expectations of those who come to us to find innovative and tailored solutions for any technological system.

To make this possible, we need motivated, competent and constantly trained people, who can act in first person and feel empowered and encouraged. We kept alive the Italo Galli’s approach, young people and allowing them to grow in the company, teaching them the principles of responsibility, transparency and ethics that represent our essential values.

Every day we strive to ensure the utmost quality and safety, through an organization chain that cares about each detail.

We are committed to the development and standardization of actions and procedures necessary in order to ensure the compliance of the final product with the required specifications, always paying attention to the respect of safety standards which is the basis of our prevention policy and our “zero injuries” goal.